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Beirut, Lebanon
 5 Days / 4 Nights
The first day: Rally Bmtarberg Arabs to travel to Beirut and then go to the hotel City Tours trip free. A trip to the Grotto + Mount keen Baltlafrick $ 65 ticket includes entry and cable car fees.
Second day: after breakfast trip to visit Beiteddine and Deir Moon Palace Musa rice area of ​​$ 65 includes entry Evening Lebanese restaurant angham fees (Open dinner) $ 65 inclusive transfer.
Third day: Go to the village to visit the castle poorest archeological then go to the bridge, which is considered one of the masterpieces of natural to take pictures $ 25.
Fourth day: free tour.
The price includes:
Flight from Cairo - Beirut -alqahrh.
Accommodations 4 nights 5 days breakfast in hotels mentioned or equivalent.
Journey City Tours free to visit Beirut landmarks.
Note :
Kids (0-2), 700 pounds (without the price of the visa)
From (2-6) 2 600 pounds (without the price of the visa)
The hotel dates analgesia: 14:00 and departure times of 12:00 and the hotel is linked to flight schedules.
It was awarded a price on the dollar exchange rate (9.50 pounds) and varies according to the dollar exchange rate.
Price does not include:
300 c visa expenses and can travel without a visa provided that the $ 2,000 Almsavrellatlaa with them in Mtarberg Arabs and Beirut Airport and will be paid $ 20 at the airport.
The paperwork in the case of a visa application:
2 4 * Personal Photo 6 - Picture commercial register, or a tax card or letter of work + bank statement the head of household only.

Flight schedules:
(10/06 to 10/10) (10/27 to 11/01)
(11/03 to 11/07) (11/17 to 11/21)