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Philae Island gained great importance to the ancient Egyptians due to its privileged location; She and Aswan Island formed natural geographical borders. As for the word "Philae", it is derived from the Greek word "velay" meaning "beloved". The efforts of the Nubia Antiquities Rescue Fund succeeded in transferring the island's antiquities completely to the neighboring island of Agilika.

The "Temple of Isis" is the main temple on the island, occupying a quarter of its area. It was built by King Ptolemy II in place of another smaller temple that was also dedicated to Isis and dedicated to the soldiers assigned to protect the southern borders of Egypt. Many Ptolemaic kings contributed to its construction.

There is also a temple dedicated to the worship of Hathor on the island, in addition to the shrine of "Nakhtenebo I", as well as the shrine of "Taharqa" that he also built for Isis.